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Discover this Untapped Method That allows you to create Your Next stream of income from simple online courses... 
Without Needing A Fancy Website, Email List, Or Tons Of Money For Marketing
Welcome Friend!

You're here because you want to earn money online, but...

WHAT IF I told you that trying to build a business to earn money online could be a gigantic waste of your time and money?

With most businesses there are two critical risks: 

1) The risk of losing time.
2) The risk of losing money.

What I'm about to show you is door #3 for earning income online.
What I want to show you is how I created a simple and automated stream of income without the stress, complexity, and risk of typical online businesses.

Yes, this is exactly what you've been looking for…

If you're anything like me, you're looking for a simple and risk-free way to earn money online while you sleep. If that's you, you're in the right place.

Before I reveal my secret system to you, I need to start at the beginning and share with you my personal story that brought me here. 

Let me start by introducing myself. 

My name is Dr. Brady Salcido and this system that I’m about to show you is my second of 3 businesses. (It's by far the easiest business, I've built.)

I’ve already built a multiple six-figure locally-based business and have used this system that I'm about to show you to build another 5-figures of additional income online.
When I started, I had NO IDEA How To Start An Online Business...
As of this writing, I’ve have helped over 3700+ students through my online courses.

I’ve discovered a surprisingly simple online course business model that most entrepreneurs have overlooked because it's not as flashy as an Amazon store or a Lamborghini video. 

But it works! (With far less risk and complexity)

Most online course businesses require a cost... typically with both time and money. With your investment of time and money, there is inherent risk that it may not be successful and...
You may end up wasting your time and losing the money you invested into marketing, creation, technology, coaching, equipment, etc.  

With my first online course, I spent many late nights and weekends trying to learn how to market and sell my course online. 

I also managed to waste thousands of dollars in failed marketing while only getting two students, which did not even come close to covering the cost of marketing. 

I was losing money fast (there wasn't much of at the time) and running out of time. 

I realized VERY quickly that marketing is constantly changing and what worked 3 months ago may not work today. 

I was throwing away money and missing precious time from my wife, friends, and family.

My dream was to make extra passive income to support my family, get more free time, get more financial security... and maybe even buy a truck

I thought it was gone until I discovered a this hidden system that solved all my problems .
If You’re Someone Who Would Like To Earn Additional Income Online In A safer Way... Keep Reading. 
Yes, what you’re about to discover is life-changing.

And if you think that I’m going to show you some complicated system full of funnels, websites, ads, videos, software, and emails. I’m not.  

This shockingly simple system, which leverages a free website called Udemy, removes all the headaches and complexity typically involved in earning money online with online businesses.

It is the simplest way to earn money with online courses… period.

You can use it even if you've never taught a course or even if you have no idea what to teach.

Before I get into details, let me share my embarrassing story of how I nearly went bankrupt.

I had just graduated from school and was eager to start my own business.

I was prepared somewhat prepared and took out nearly $70,000 to finance my first business.

Unfortunately, my "business plan" didn’t go as planned. *pun intended

Within a few months, we were broke and my wife and I had to move in with my parents.

I was embarrassed, depressed, and hopeless. I didn’t have any answers. I didn't know what to do or how to get out from our situation. 
My wife and I only had one income stream. She had already quit her job to help me start this new business.

We were all in. There was no plan B. 

We didn't have a savings and now we had no source of income.

I was so stressed and anxious about our finances and our future that it brought to a startling realization and truth...
The truth that Having Just one Or Even Two income streams in today’s world is not enough to create true freedom and financial security.
Once I discovered the truth, I realized I had to do more. I had to find additional ways to earn more income to provide more freedom and stability for myself and my family. 

But I wanted to create more income without sacrificing and risking my most valuable resources: time and money.

So I decided to try creating another business. I tried podcasts, blogs, affiliate marketing, and even network marketing, but I kept seeing no return.

I felt so confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed with the online business world. I remember having NO IDEA what a "sales funnel" was...

So, I invested in myself instead and I paid lots of money to train with some of the best in the world and studied until I finally figured it out.
Unfortunately, not everyone figures it out like I did. 

In fact, the majority or new businesses NEVER succeed. 

According to an article on ChrisDrucker.com who has been featured on Entrepreneur, Forbes, Business Insider, and Success, nearly 90% of online businesses fail within the first 120 days!

The odds are not exactly in your favor .

But the majority of people are wanting to earn money online for one main reason: financial. 

Not having enough income and financial stability creates tremendous amounts of stress and anxiety, which can interfere with your happiness, relationships, and even health.
61% of New Entrepreneurs Say That The Main Reason They Started Their Side Business Was Financial 
A recent survey showed that 25% of Americans own a side business while still working their full time job.

Surprisingly, only 9% pursue online business to “pursue their passion.” 

The largest majority (61%) pursue side-business for financial reasons. 

The last 16% created another business to be able to pursue lifestyle changes.

48% of those who were surveyed stated they still couldn’t afford to quit their job, but most likely the additional income they receive helps create more financial security and freedom.
If you are starting a business for financial reasons, then you want to focus on what actually has been proven to get results with as minimal risk as possible, not what "some expert" on a fancy sports car is telling you what works. 

Instead of focusing on what everyone else was doing, I started focusing on what was actually get real results. 

I started looking for any opportunities to earn income online in smart and low risk way. It didn't matter how big or small that opportunity was.

Then one day, I found a website called Udemy that seemed to solve all my problems by handling all the website, hosting, email, and marketing problems I had. 

Not only that, but I didn't have to pay anything at all to get started!

"What kind of witchcraft is this..." I thought
I stumbled upon a hidden and proven system that creates a real and profitable online course business without The Risks and Complexity.
So, obviously I had to test it out this Udemy website. It seemed too good to be true, but there was no risk involved besides just a weekend of record a course, so what did I have to lose?

I decided to create my first course on a diet called The Ketogenic Diet.

And something strange happened right after I posted my first course.

All of the sudden, people started enrolling in my course… and I didn’t do anything to get them. I didn't market (yet) to get them. I just posted the course on the site.
I didn’t create website, email list, landing page, or spend thousands in marketing.  

Within the first month, I got my first payment into Paypal.

$11.00... *yawn

Wait for it…

...Next month - $105.43
...The month after - $237.21
...Few months later - $765 .09

Fast forward to now, I’ve been able to generate over $17,000 with only about 30 minutes a week of actual work answering questions. 

... And I'm still generating income every month without having to worry about marketing, emails, or websites.
Earning an income online has just become easier than ever before.

Ever since I started with creating courses on Udemy, I have been able to create more income and freedom every single month.

It’s an amazing feeling.

All that you need to do is follow a proven system to 1) create, 2) launch, and 3) promote a best-selling course and then rinse-and-repeat until you get to the income you desire.

The income still keeps coming. I continue to promote and create new courses that reach students across the world including United States, Canada, Australia, India, Europe, and Asia.

My system worked for me and I know it can work for you to.
So, Can You Really Create A Profitable Online Course Business Without The Complexity Of Websites, Landing Pages, & Large Marketing Budget?
YES! Let me break it down and show you exactly why the system works.
First off, when you place your course on Udemy’s website, you are leveraging a proven platform that already has 24+ million students already using the site. 

Think of it this way... when you put your amazing course (which I teach you exactly how to do) on Udemy, you get immediate access to that massive audience of students. 


Here’s what’s really cool... 

If you create a great course, which I show you how to do, and students leave positive feedback... 

Udemy will actively promote your course for you… without you lifting a finger.

Udemy essentially becomes your personal sales team.
Using Udemy Is Like "Hacking The System" To Earn Additional income online
Udemy helps sell your course for you. 

When you decide to grow a business on Udemy, you get access to a proven platform that has a track record for helping its instructors become successful. Udemy wants you to succeed because when you win, they win. 
  • Udemy provides all the tech you need to sell and promote your course online including landing pages, video hosting, and email automation!
  • ​This can save you hundreds of dollars per month not having to pay for website hosting, domains, lead generation software, and video hosting, which saves you money and allows you to just enjoy the income. 
  • Udemy has an established base of over 24+ million students that you get immediate access to once you publish your course on their site. 
  • ​Udemy works with major businesses and corporations, giving you a much wider reach and scope for your course. 
  • Udemy actively promotes GREAT courses to their student base, which helps you sell your course to potentially thousands of students FAST
  • ​You get to focus on creating courses and let someone else do all the hard work of selling your course for you and sending you the check. 
  • ​Udemy also has an amazing support team that will even double check your videos and give you helpful feedback to ensure the highest quality to help your course sells well!
It really could not get any easier.

And when you use the proven method of the Udemy Empire System, you're helping ensure your success.
If you follow this simple system, you can start creating a simple online business in as little as 30 days.

And the best part, you’ll be able to do it without worrying about websites, emails, landing pages, or a large marketing budget.

One article and video shows how 10 Udemy Instructors actually made $1.6 million combined through Udemy courses. 

Why can't you start your own online course business on Udemy?

It's simple and you can start creating your online course business today!
The Udemy Empire System Is Your Blueprint To creating more income and freedom through Udemy Courses.
Yes, this system works, whether you already have a course you want to teach or have no idea at all.

With The Udemy Empire System You Can Begin To Launch Your Next Business From Anywhere In The World.

Take advantage of the Udemy Empire System!

Smart people like you are learning how to create multiple streams of income to support themselves and their families in any economy.
One of the greatest benefits of the Udemy Empire System is that it’s so simple to apply and you can do it over… and over… and over again until you hit your goal.
Imagine how it would feel to see A check come in every month?
Could You Pay Off A Car? Pay Off More Debt? Take More Vacations? Invest?
Inside The Udemy Empire System, You’ll Discover...
  • How to create a reliable stream of income from simple Udemy courses...
  • How to create a best-selling course that Udemy will LOVE and promote for you
  • How to create more income to pay off debt, take more vacations, have more financial stability, and live better...
  • How to set yourself apart from every other instructor and create raving fans who buy ALL of your courses… 
  • How to create a course description that enrolls new students on autopilot...
  • How to get more students by creating a Google-friendly course description that gets your course appearing in Google searches...
  • The exact video template and script that you can copy and paste to create a high-converting promotional video for your course...
  • How to launch your course and get new students (and income) fast…
  • How to turn 1 course into 2, 3, and 4+ more and scale your business into an empire...
This is a just a taste of the strategies you’ll learn in The Udemy Empire System.

Within the Udemy Empire System there are 3 courses.
Step 1:
Best-Selling Course Formula
Anyone can create a course, but not everyone can create a best-selling course

The Best-Selling Course System will show you the most important factors in creating a course that will sell.

In this course, you’ll dive into how to research your topic, how to craft a compelling bio, description, and how to record your course. 

You’ll also learn how to navigate the Udemy system and dashboard to make yourself familiar with the system and benefits. 
Step 2: 
Ultimate Launch Toolkit
Now that you’ve created your course, it’s time to launch it and start enrolling students.

There are two ways to launch a course: Slow or Fast.

Sure, "slow and steady wins the race". 

Sage advice.

...But getting students fast is just so much more fun.

The Ultimate Launch Toolkit will show you how to take your best-selling course and turn it into an empire.
Step 3:
Udemy Empire Builder

You’ve created your first course and it’s quickly becoming a best-seller.

Now the question is: “how do you turn that 1 course into 2, 3, or 4 more. "

If one course hypothetically makes you $300 per month, why not create 2, 3, or 4+ more?

How do you create an empire that brings in life-changing income every month?

In this course, you’ll learn exactly how with some advanced strategies.
Personally, I don’t know an easier or simpler way for someone make money online in today’s world.
What If You Want To Do It Yourself?
First, let’s be honest for a second and address some facts.

Sure... you could create and sell your course on your own.

Yes... Udemy takes a cut of every course you sell.

Yes... there is more money to be made selling it on your own, there is also much more to lose

The only question is: Are you ok with the significant cost/risk of starting your own online business? 

Are you willing to sacrifice your time, energy, and money to hopefully get something started? With any business there are never any guarantees.

I’ve started several businesses and not all of them were successful. Each unsuccessful attempt is time and money that I won’t get back, but that’s part of growing an online business on your own.

Udemy is simply the easiest way to earn more income online than anywhere else.
And you can get started for a fraction of the cost of what it cost me to learn what I show you in The Udemy Empire System.
I hired a coach for $4000 for one weekend to teach me the exact strategies that I show you in the Udemy Empire System.

I made the Udemy Empire System affordable. Why? Because I’m looking to create more online success cases from people like you. So, I’d like to offer you a quick 82% discount before I increase the price back to $197.

Right now you can the complete Udemy Empire System for a one-time refundable free of ($197) $37. That’s less than the price of a tank of gas these days.
Click The "ORDER NOW" Button Below And See If You’re Still Eligible For The Discount Price Of Only $37
Plus, I’m so convinced this program will deliver the incredible results you want, that if for any reason at all in the next 60 days, you are not satisfied with the Udemy Empire System, I’ll return every penny you invested into the system. No questions asked. 
100% Risk-Free Guarantee
Grow A Profitable Course Business… Or Your Money Back!
I want you to be 100% confident in The Udemy Empire System. 
That’s Right! If you can’t create a money-making online business with this system, I’ll personally send you an immediate and courteous refund. ZERO QUESTIONS ASKED.

No reason needed. Get results or I give you your money back in full.

Compare this to other coaches out there?

Do they offer any guarantees? I do.

I know how life-changing this system can be and honestly, I don’t want you to miss this opportunity.
So, here it is… this is your chance to do something massive for yourself and for your family. 
What to do next? You have two options...
1) Go down the road alone. Trying to figure it out yourself and most likely wasting plenty of time and money in the process of trying to earn money online.


2) You could do the smart and fast way. You can choose the easiest and simplest path to success and start creating a money-making online course machine in the next month.

You can start learning the Udemy Empire System and start your journey to earning more income online through simple online courses.

I’ve already done the hard work for you and wasted the money through trial and error. All you have to do take the next step.
Click The "ORDER NOW" Button Below And See If You’re Still Eligible For The Discount Price Of Only $37


Dr. Brady Salcido
Founder Of The Udemy Empire System
P.S. - If you want to earn income online with a simple and headache free system, you’re in the right place. In the next 30 days, you could be enrolling students. Spend less time and money and start earning smart by simply clicking here. 
P.S.S. - Your risk-free investment is protected by a full 60-day money back guarantee. That’s plenty of time to test the system out and see if it’s right for you. Be sure to act fast on this massive discount that’s going to be expiring very soon. Act now!
Here Are My Answers to The Most Common Questions
Question: Is The Udemy Empire System For Me?
ANSWER: The Udemy Empire System is for anyone who wants to earn money online in a simple and reliable way without the headaches of growing an online business. The beauty of the program is you can use the same principles found in this system and create two businesses: The first on Udemy and another selling your own courses. 
Question: How Does It Work?
ANSWER: The program is separated into 3 Phases: Creation, Launch, & Empire Building. Each phase breaks down the critical components necessary to grow an online business through Udemy as learned from myself and other Udemy Entrepreneurs. 
Question: Does This System Actually Work?
ANSWER: Yes, it absolutely works! I’ve personally used this system to create 5-figures of income with very little time needed from my schedule every week!
Question: When Will I See Results?
ANSWER: After you create your first course and start enrolling students, Udemy pays via PayPal every 30 days. The first payment is given after the first two months. 
Question: What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?
ANSWER: Although there is no reason why it shouldn’t work for you, you are safely protected by my full 60-day guarantee. Just reply to my email and I will issue a full and prompt refund with no questions asked.  
Question: Is My Payment & Personal Information Safe?
ANSWER: Absolutely! We used a 100% secure payment protocol to ensure every electronic payment is transacted in a safe and secure network. 
Question: Can I Find This Program For Free?
ANSWER: Absolutely not. This product is copyrighted and protect. Any free videos you can find online are likely to be lightyears away from the Udemy Empire System. 
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